Chobi Manual

What's Chobi?

Chobi is the easy board service made by just pasting, offered by Team CHOBIES.

Of course, you can use it for free, and you can paste your own board on BLOG or Homepage.

The Base Function

- Made by just issuing javascript cord, and pasting it.

- Keeps the latest 50 comments, older ones are deleted automatically.

- Don't need identification at the point of application.

- Availability of icon, when you type words.

- You can attach Links automatically just by typing URL. (You can't use tag.)

- There're 20 kinds of design-plates when you open another window. (the original CSS is available)

- You can change the design, delete comments, and check the contributor's IP address from the control window.

- You can have up to 5 indications, if you login the management window and set it.

- You can read and write the same board by both PC and cell phone (It's possible to have the same cord).

- The individual QR cord and URL are shown at the end of the other window which you read and write on with a PC.

- You can use a stamp with cell phones, if you send the cord to your cell phone.

How to paste Chobi on your page

Choose your favorite design on the top page, and then, click the button "Make Board"

(javascript cord is issued after you click the button, and you paste it on the side-bar of BLOG.)

Don't need to register as a user. It's really easy, let's try it!!

#The manual to set the main BLOG service

- Channel KITAGUNI tv
- Other main BLOG services

Contact us

For general inquiries, e-mail to If you get error,

About Control Function

You can change the design, delete comments, and check contributor's IP address by logging in with the control password.

Click "control window" at the bottom of the board window.

Then, type the password which was issued when you made your own board, and click "login" button.

You can change the title of the board, the indication of the number of comments on the page you attached to it, and the design of the board window from here.

When you want to have your own design, make CSS referring to other design, and upload CSS file to your Homepage territory. Then, input the address of the CSS file to the frame under PULLDOWN.

When you want to change something, you have to click the "Change" button.

When you delete comments, check contributor's IP, check the space of comments, use the Control window at the bottom of the page.

All comments are there.

When you want to delete comments, click the link "delete", and the comment will be deleted.

The rules for users

People, who start using this site and keep using it, should agree to abide by the following rules. You can't use these services without agreeing to the rules.

1. Offering free BLOG parts service

Anyone who agrees to the rules and applies to use this site can use it for free.

2. User's responsibility and important obligation

Users use this service on your own responsibility. You use BLOG parts which users release on your own responsibility. Users mustn't trouble this site, even when you get in trouble with third parties, you must solve it on your own responsibility and expense.

3. Prohibition

Users mustn't do the following things when you use this site. If you do it, we will reject your usage.

- The action which is contrary to law and public order and standards of decency.

- The action which you insert false information.

- The action which you discriminate or abuse others and defame one's honor and social credit.

- The action which you pretend to be someone else, the action which there's possibility for you to pretend to be someone else.

- The action which you collect other people's information.

- The action which you trouble others, the action there's possibility for you to trouble others.

- The action which you invade other's intellectual property, copyright. The action there's possibility for you to do so.

- The action which gives bad influence (excessive sexual description, cruel description, and so on) especially for minors. The action which there's possibility to do it.

- The action which you use the site for commercial reasons except for one which this site mediate.

- The actions which you obstruct managing of our service, defame credit, and give disadvantage. The action which there's possibility to do it.

4. Data Backup

Users keep the backup of data on your responsibility. Our backup won't guarantee your backup of data.

5. The right of our site

We have all the right to decide about offering service, and managing the site. We can stop all or some parts of the service, after telling you on the site. Then, we have the right to prohibit user's using the service, to tidy and delete the account which no one uses for a long time. Finally, we have the right to edit all the service, and we can do it without an advance notification.

6. Copyright

Material which you make through our service is your own property.

7. Individual information

We won't have user's home address, name, age, phone number. We need user's e-mail address just when we send e-mail to users. Users shouldn't use e-mail address where it's possible for people to find out who you are.

8. Revision of user rules

We can revise the user rules on this site at any time, and the new revision's force starts after we tell you about it on this site.

9. The enforcement of these rules

These rules start from April 29th, 2005.

Escape clause

Chobies is a site offering free BLOG parts.

We leave each user to decide about using each part.

Therefore, our site chobies won't have the responsibility about damage which you're caused by using information through our service, about legitimacy, morality, and the public of the information, about the approval and acceptance of copyright, the fidelity of the information in this site.

Produced by Team CHOBIES

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